Psychosocial Support For Our Students

University Support

We believe that transition assistance and ongoing support can facilitate students’ success at university.


The University Support team provides a range of services to university students, including staff- and peer-led psychosocial support (virtual and in-person). In addition, the team facilitates events on multiple campuses, leveraging existing students’ connections to build a support system around new students, several of whom come from extremely disadvantaged backgrounds. Campus visits allow for touch points throughout the year, and give students the opportunity to connect with the team and receive counselling where relevant. Thanks to their efforts, the team has seen hundreds of students successfully graduate from college since 2014.

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Number of young leaders currently at University in 2021/22 academic year
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Number of staff-led student check-ins in 2020/21 academic year
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Students' Testimonials

Our dedicated team works individually with students on an array of topics to ensure they are equipped to thrive regardless of the challenges they face in university.


“In 2018, when I was ill beyond despair, one of the strongest reminders that there was light at the end of the tunnel came to me through frequent calls with Mbali. These calls felt like hugs during a very cold winter season; they enabled me to find value in my schoolwork, peers and my small triumphs. This gave me the confidence to keep pursuing my goals and led me to finish the year as one of the best performing students in my class. This small yet very significant feat was undoubtedly achieved because of all the love that the University Support team showed me. I will forever be grateful for this life-long network.” (ALA, MCFSPALA student)


“If there’s one thing to appreciate about being an ALA alum, it’s how you always check up on us.” (ALA student)


“Joining college was a new experience for me, full of confusion and excitement. I was passionate about theater but felt parental pressure to do Biology. My University Support contact guided me as I made decisions to pursue my interests and succeed in them. The process eased the emotional drain I felt and made me feel validated and supported.” (MCFSPALA student)

University Support Events

Our team hosts two types of events. Staff-led events such as webinars on Navigating Online Learning, and we aim to cover topics pertinent to our students’ journeys through university. Student-led events connect students to each other. An example is welcome events that are organized by older students to welcome and introduce freshmen to their new university communities.

Sep 30
Networking for Job Seekers

Friday September 30@

Aug 13
Networks Gathering

Saturday August 13@

Jun 18
2022 Entrepreneurial Baraza

Saturday June 18@

Apr 29
Professional Development Hangout: Imposter Syndrome

Friday April 29@

Oct 10
USIU-Africa Welcome Event

Sunday October 10@

Oct 27
AL for Agribusiness Gathering

Wednesday October 27@

Sep 17
AL for Agribusiness Members Hangout

Friday September 17@


Frequently Asked Questions

This section provides answers to some common questions students have had over the years. It covers multiple topics and is meant to be a starting point for students to engage with around these themes. We encourage you to contact your University Support contact to discuss these further if you need more clarity.

Our Gallery

Here are some pictures from various gatherings over the years