Explore AL for The Arts:

Our Programs and Events

We create a collaborative platform for ALA employer partners, students, alumni, staff and non-ALA affiliated artists to engage in various AL for the Arts initiatives and activities.

Google Arts and Culture Digital Exhibition Program

Showcasing the innovative work of talented artists from across the continent, our Google Arts and Culture partnership collaboration provides a platform for creative expression and exploration. Here is the link to walk through the digital exhibition of our Climate Change in Africa Art.

Coaching and Career Guidance

We empower our artists with the skills and knowledge they need to succeed, our coaching and career guidance programs offer personalized support and mentorship every step of the way. 

Virtual and In-Person Events

We weave connections between like-minded creatives and industry experts through our dynamic calendar of virtual and in-person events, designed to inspire, educate, and collaborate. These range from hangouts to webinars and workshops.

Arts Sector Employer Engagement

Bridging the gap between talent and opportunity, our engagement initiatives connect artists with leading employers in the arts sector, facilitating meaningful career pathways and job placements.

Creative Arts Department on Campus Partnership

AL for the Arts partners with the on campus Creative Arts Department to support on-campus students on career opportunities and logistics for events on campus.