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The Creative Arts sector and the talent in Africa is enormous and is significant to the economic development of many countries in Africa. The network encompasses the entirety of the creative economy, a term that encompasses the core individual artistic disciplines of visual arts, design, writing, theatre and performance, music as well as their related sub-industries, e.g. advertising, publishing and distribution, in addition to arts and culture management and policy making. This is to enable a holistic and thriving creative economy development approach with avenues that showcase Africa’s rich heritage and culture. Additionally, the network aims to develop data and document stories of how art can be a force for development in Africa, through its envisioned shared success.

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The AL for the Arts Network is achieving its mission by Accelerating the development of artists in our network by creating channels for engagement with industry leaders and key stakeholders through internship, residency, and job placement opportunities. Igniting collaborative connections, mentorship, and access to initiatives with young artists across the continents and globally and weaving high-impact networks and creating communities of practice that build our collective capacity to tackle Africa’s grand challenges. Our initiatives are:

  • Digital Arts Exhibition
  • Coaching and Career Guidance
  • Virtual and In-Person Events
  • Arts Sector Employer Engagement

Agribusiness Impact Report

With the world’s population steadily increasing, a pressing concern arises: how can we increase production to meet the world’s needs without degrading environmental ecosystems? The answer, we believe, lies...

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Using Storytelling to Make a Social Impact | Jade Natacha Iriza


Jade is a journalist at The New Times Rwanda and a student at African Leadership University. She shares her insight into how storytelling can make a social impact in Africa.

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