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Accelerating Career Pathways

Early Career Success

Connecting our young leaders to meaningful professional development learning opportunities to accelerate their career pathways and increase their social capital.


Professional development is the flagship offering of the Early Career Success team. The program aims to equip young leaders in our network with key professional and social skills that will accelerate their career trajectories and enhance their impact in the jobs and internships that they undertake. The professional development program takes the form of online modules, coaching, and “Barazas” (which are intensive workshops aimed at developing all aspects of career readiness).

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Pre University, First and Second Years

The Early Careers Success team supports students in the pre-university, first and second year as they move through their early years on campus. With specific programming and a dedicated team, the Early Careers Success team will help students identify exciting growth opportunities and navigate the challenges unique to pre-university first and second-year students.

Resource Articles

Guide to a winning cover letter

Guide to a winning cover letter The goal of a cover letter is to add context to the skills you have highlighted in your CV and demonstrate your understanding of the organization.   Cover letters are your opportunity to: Introduce yourself to your prospective employer Expand upon your resume, highlighting the most relevant experience Give [...]

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Writing a competitive professional resume

Writing a competitive professional resume A resume is a document that highlights your key achievements, skills and experiences tailored to a specific professional opportunity. The primary job of a resume is to get you an interview. Essentially, it is your personal highlight reel and an opportunity to show your attention-to-detail. You may have heard the [...]

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How to write a good professional bio

How toWrite a Professional ACN Bio Your ACN Bio is what determines if an employer would take a look at your resume. Thus while you invest good time in your resume you must realize that your bio determines if all that effort would be worth it.   Your professional bio is the very first thing [...]

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Third, Fourth Year and Beyond

We provide career programming to support alumni and graduates from different backgrounds who are further along in their university careers or early in the professional careers. In partnership with the Sector Communities, Employer Partners, and all our stakeholders, we empower students through career development workshops, transformative coaching, building community, and providing students with tools, resources, and connections to support their professional journey toward meaningful work.

Our team will help you explore and prepare for your next steps after University and Graduate School.

Resource Articles

Career Planning in your final years of University

Career PlanningIn your final year(s) of University In your final 1-2 years of university, your goal is to compete for full time opportunities. Thus, your final years are the most defining period for taking those final finishing steps to make a smooth transition from school to the world of work. This stage, if not well [...]

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University Partner Resources

We support university partners within the Mastercard Foundation Scholars Program to develop sustainable processes and systems as they support their scholars during their university careers to transition into employment upon completion of university. We develop tools and resources needed in developing career guidance and support to university students from multiple backgrounds

Resource Articles

How to help students network

How to help students network Network building is essential to professional development for students. More so it can take place in a variety of ways. However, many students have a narrow definition of networking and are often intimidated by the idea. A key aspect of career coaching is helping students understand the myriad of ways [...]

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Conducting mock interviews

Conducting mock interviews For many students preparing for an interview is the most nerve-wracking part of the job/internship application process. The only way to overcome these nerves is by simulating a similar environment t with people who understand the opportunity description. This is done through mock interviews. While students can research common questions, prepare responses [...]

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How to review a students cover letter

How to review a students cover letter Cover Letters are an application document that require students to describe their fit with and interest in the organization they are applying to. They are typically read after the resume has been examined and help to add nuance to each candidates relevant experiences. The role of the cover [...]

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Guide to starting a career centre

Guide to starting a career centre A career center is an organized set of tools, resources and individuals with defined roles that work towards providing professional development support for students in an academic institution. The goal of a career center is to foster a continued awareness of and preparedness for success in the world of [...]

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Starting a peer coach program at your university

Starting a peer coach program at your university Peer Coaches are a select group of students who assume career development roles for their fellow students on their respective campuses. Peer coaches help their fellow students navigate college life and post-college planning. They are a great resource to review students professional documents and providing constructive feedback. [...]

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Career Center Toolkit: One on One Advising

Career Center Toolkit: One on One Advising The role of the Career Center is to empower students to discover and pursue a path to a fulfilling career, so they can make their own unique marks on the world. One of the core tenets of a career center is the one on one career coaching services [...]

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How to Engage Employers

How to Engage Employers Building a network of employers and organizations is an essential foundation of building a career support center. The process of doing this is gradual and may not even yield results in the short term. Employer relationships often result in job and internship placement opportunities, mentors for students and even help universities [...]

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How to review student resumes

How to review student resumes Resumes are an important document students need to compete for professional development opportunities. The resume review process often leaves little room for any error or inability to aptly demonstrate ones fit with the opportunity. There is a high level of skill and attention to detail that goes into writing a [...]

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How to help students clarify their future direction

Many students will come to career services saying things like “I have no idea what I want to do after graduation” or “I don’t know what kinds of jobs to look for.” How do you help these students gain clarity around their future career direction?

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Info Sessions

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Baobab Platform

The ACN online learning platform housed by Baobab through our partnership with Mastercard Foundation is home to nearly 40 professional online courses.

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