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Every journey is unique. Young, inspired ALA alumni and Mastercard Foundation Scholars are eager to accelerate their career and entrepreneurial journeys to make an impact on the continent. Listen to their stories as they strive to shape, and propel the future of Africa.


THE HOST: Renatus Mshomba is an alumnus of the African Leadership Academy, South Africa, and a student at the African Leadership University, Rwanda where he is studying a Bachelor’s degree in Entrepreneurship.

The Art of Being a Serial Entrepreneur
Emmanuel Samwel

Being an intrapreneur is easy but living as one takes courage and commitment beyond logical reasonings. Not all open doors are for you, as an entrepreneur, you must learn to discern the right doors for you.

The Skill of Failing Forward
Tchofor Dick Nchang

Join us as we explore the power of resilience, growth mindset, and the art of embracing failure as a vital part of our journey. Don’t miss this empowering conversation that will inspire you to reframe your failures and unleash your true potential.

Following Your Passion into the Uncharted
Shyline Bajaba

Passions change, but your purpose often remains the same. So wherever you do end up, the only way you will live a fulfilled life is if you are serving your purpose.

Sustaining the Dream of a Better Africa
Jimcale Faarah

Join us as we deep dive into the role of entrepreneurship to make a better Africa. We learn how to start small and think big

Don't Be Afraid to Change Your Life
David Gyampo

What if the career you were interested in isn’t what you are passionate about now? Should you stick to the career decision you made in high school? Watch David’s story.

Dispelling the Stereotypes of Africans Abroad
Sakhile Ntshangase

Sakhile shares his journey of changing the narrative of Africans living abroad. His story is one of many who live outside their home country, working hard for a better future.

Reshaping the Narrative of Fitness in African Women
Faith Timoh

This empowering episode covers how we often see stereotypes and misconceptions about body image in various cultures, but we’re here to celebrate the positive change that is taking place with Faith’s impactful story.

Using Storytelling to Make a Social Impact
Jade Natacha Iriza

We explore how journalism and storytelling can be a powerful tool to shape opinions, raise awareness, and inspire action.

Igniting the Power of Play in Early Childhood Learning
Joel Baraka

Within his child-centered game, curricula emerges from the questions and interests of his students, empowering them to question and enact change in the ever-evolving world around them. He shares the importance of play, and how to nurture curiosity in young children.

How to Use Maggot Farming for Economic Gender Equity
Janepher Matini

Janepher shares her venture that aims to increase the household income of female-headed homes through maggot farming.

Engineering Narratives That Connect People For Impact
Ukairo Ukairo

Ukairo shares how his passion for creative storytelling can connect people and ignited necessary impact.

Using Data and Tech for Social Impact in Africa
Apollinaire Abi

Apollinaire explains how what the continent needs is more involvement in data and tech in the social sector.

Creating Opportunities to Give Back to the Community
Godfrey Akol

Godfrey is using pig farming to create opportunities to give back to his community. Hear his story.