University Partner Spotlight: The University of Pretoria

My name is Lennox Wasara, a Mastercard Foundation Alumni from the University of Pretoria (UP), where I completed my Masters in Entrepreneurship. I gained valuable experience supporting entrepreneurship development through the university’s business incubator.

Currently, I am involved in transition initiatives for the Scholars Program at UP. This includes establishing relationships with both the public and private sectors to create tailored opportunities. Additionally, I provide logistical and sustenance support to Scholars undertaking internships during the academic year.

I also organize strategic events to prepare Mastercard Foundation Scholars at UP for the workforce. These events include internship preparation workshops and future-of-work training sessions, among others.

To support Mastercard Foundation Alumni returning to their countries after graduation, we prioritize opportunity sharing to assist our graduates in finding meaningful and dignified work. After completing the program, Scholars participate in exit interviews to identify their needs. Lastly, we encourage peer-to-peer connections among Scholar Alumni to leverage their strong network across the continent.

I am always astonished at the power of all the Africa Careers Network (ACN) University Partners and I believe that the more we continue to collaborate, connect, co-create and coordinate our efforts toward Scholar success we will be unstoppable. Currently, we are excited to bring more Alumni Masterclasses in the new academic year. We are building from our pilot program initiated in 2023 with the support of ACN.

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