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Meet Daniel Alphayo

Taking The Network to Greater Heights

Daniel Alphayo shares a his experience in his role as the AL for Agribusiness network intern.

Published: 14 October 2021

Hello, my name is Daniel Alphayo, the newly appointed AL for Agribusiness intern.

I am excited to take up this challenge and in my role I will focus on market research and reporting, connecting and engaging network members, contributing to the planning and implementation of network activities, and assisting the AL for Agribusiness manager. It has been over a month in this role and the experience has been incredibly rewarding. I am learning how to improve my communication skills, pay more attention to detail, and further my journey’s initiative. 

On the 1st October 2021, I got an opportunity to host my first Monthly Members Hangout, where I shared my plan for the next six months and received very constructive feedback from the members who attended. The plan was based on three objectives: 

Decentralizing the Network


The network will be decentralized to cover different regions, countries and/or product type. This will enable members to connect with each other to share relevant opportunities based on the region, country, or the products type (similar business models) 

Creating an Investor Network


The AL for Agribusiness network is well positioned to create an ecosystem of passionate young leaders geared to make an impact. What’s more, the network is connected to potential investors who value Agri-startups. The power of the network is being in a position to leverage the relationships with funders and investors for the sustainable benefit of the region!  

Increasing access to skilled development opportunities. 


We plan to provide network members access to enterprise learning material developed by ALA and Anzisha prize. We will also develop partnerships with relevant learning institutions and industry business leaders who can provide relevant agribusiness training to our network entrepreneurs.   

I am looking forward to communicating with you more in the coming months and creating more opportunities for the network members. So please keep in touch via Mighty Networks  or email in case you have any suggestions. Also, please complete this short survey 

to help us with the decentralization process as part of implementing my first plan. The survey will allow us to group you, ease our communication, and make it easy to share different opportunities that are better suited for you

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