Strengthening University Transition Collaborations

In an impactful visit to University Gaston Berger (UGB) in Saint-Louis, Senegal, Africa Careers Network recently engaged with key university stakeholders to bolster graduate employability initiatives. The visit, led by our University Partner Lead, Wilfrid Ahouansou included productive meetings with Rector Professor Magatte Ndiaye, the Director of Professional Integration and Community Service, and other prominent university officials.

Focus on Graduate Employability

Rector Ndiaye underscored the importance of a university’s success metrics, highlighting that both internal and external efficacy are crucial. Internal efficacy relates to student life and academic conditions, while external efficacy is measured by graduates’ employability and their ability to contribute effectively to the economy. UGB’s commitment to these principles is exemplified by the creation of the Council for Guidance and Relations with Economic Circles (CORME), a pioneering initiative in West Africa. This, alongside the Directorate of Integration and the university’s incubator, emphasizes UGB’s proactive approach in equipping students with both technical and interpersonal skills essential for the job market.

Strategic Initiatives for Enhanced Employability

During the visit, three pivotal initiatives were outlined:

  1. Training for Transition Team: Scaling the peer coaches program as part of the Mastercard Foundation Scholars Program, ensuring students receive comprehensive guidance.
  2. Promotion of Baobab Platform: Enhancing mentorship and personal development opportunities through the Baobab platform.
  3. Strengthening Professional Integration Focal Points: Enhancing the capabilities of these points to provide targeted support for students’ professional growth.

These initiatives are designed to ensure that every UGB student benefits from high-quality support, thereby boosting their employability.

UGB’s Leadership in West Africa

The visit highlighted UGB’s unwavering dedication to its mission, setting a benchmark for other universities in Senegal and Francophone Africa. By integrating robust professional support into daily operations, UGB inspires other institutions to prioritize graduate employment, thus driving economic growth and development in the region.

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