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RENEWVIA ENERGY: A Front Runner in Providing Sustainable Energy Solutions

Renewvia Energy Corporation is an Atlanta, GA headquartered corporation that designs, installs, owns, and operates commercial and community solar power systems across multiple continents.  Renewvia also provides an array of solar energy solutions. Renewvia takes on a collaborative approach in providing energy solutions as it partners with large and small businesses to develop solar, energy storage, ad EV assets. This Corporation is a Top 500 Global Solar Developer with nearly 14 years of great work under the belt.

Published: 26 September 2023

Renewvia has grown rapidly and has been consistently imparting impact in the energy sector since the development of its first rooftop array – during the year of its launch. In 2015, Renewvia expanded to the African market and developed their first Off-Grid Rural Electrification Project, with two subsidiaries – Renewvia Energy Kenya Limited, and Renewvia Solar Nigeria Limited. In 2018, Renewvia was operation two minigrids in Africa, this expanded to four in 2019, to over 20 in 2021.This remarkable growth had an outstanding outcome on their customer base – growing it from 164 in 2018 to 10,000+ today. Minigrids are standalone power systems that operate autonomously from a country’s power system.

Minigrids are a reliable source of energy as they are powered by a combination of energy generation (solar and wind) with battery storage for the production of energy on demand.

In their February 2023 newsletter, Renewvia reports on the results of a 3rd Party Impact study in Kenya. This study found that 90% of people claim to have improved quality of life due to access to Renewvia’s minigrid service. Renewvia has 22 operating minigrids in Kenya and Nigeria. These minigrids have been instrumental in the development of their locations – they allow the consistency in the provision of medical services, extended school and study hours for kids, and supports business and socio operations in the benefiting communities.

Furthermore, Renewvia has completed commercial and industrial (C&I) development projects over the last few years. In Nigeria, they established a Commercial Solar Hybrid Minigrid for Shell Company and United Bank of Africa. In Kenya, they established Commercial Solar Minigrids for the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees Kakuma refugee camps and Kalobeyei refugee settlement. They also established one for the World Food Program in Kakuma, which enables WFP to provide a safe and organized environment for the distribution of nutritional essentials to thousands of households.

In addition to the minigrid developments, Renewvia also provides Solar EPC services, EV Charging, as well as Operations and Maintenance Services. Renewvia has been deliberate in providing a well-rounded array of energy solutions from conception to completion. They have previously shared some exciting career opportunities with us, and we consider it a privilege for our network members to have the opportunity to work with such an outstanding Corporation.

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