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Network Member Spotlight: Nelson Kamanga

Get to know the AL for Agribusiness network member in this spotlight. Meet Nelson Kamanga (ALA, Class of 2016).

Published: 5 September 2022

Passionate about business, Nelson Kamanga recently graduated from African Leadership University with an Honours degree in International Business and Trade. When asked why he decided to study International Business and Trade, he said he chose to pursue this degree because he wanted to acquire extensive skills and knowledge in business, marketing, finance, accounting, and management. A degree in International Business and Trade will better prepare him for a global and diverse career with opportunities across many sectors. Nelson’s long-term goal is to work as a Business Analyst. Over the past one year he has taken up different roles and internships that have positively contributed towards his career development, notably, an internship with Umoya Foods where he worked as a digital marketing intern. He was responsible for social media campaign planning, as well as the implementation and development of the digital marketing strategy. He was also responsible for collecting and analysing data from different platforms to understand the effectiveness of campaigns.


Nelson believes the skills and experience that he gained during his internship have been beneficial to his career development. He improved his search engine optimization skills and learned many strategies which can be used to maximize traffic to a website to attract customers and boost sales for a business. The internship improved his data analysis skills using various software programs. Nelson continues to hone skills through remote jobs and internships to accelerate his career journey.


“I am always looking for opportunities that will help me grow and develop as an individual. I joined AL for Agribusiness because I wanted to connect with a network of like-minded individuals who want to create and see positive development in the agribusiness sector. I want to learn and engage with young entrepreneurs and also share my skills and experiences with network members. I believe young people have a lot to offer and learn, and a platform like AL for Agribusiness will help facilitate learning and sharing of knowledge.”

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