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Meet Our New Community of Practice Leads

Meet Lindelwa Zwane (below, left) and Zibusiso Mtunzi (below, right), our two Community of Practice Leads. Lindelwa will be leading the Architecture, Construction, and Town Planning Subsector, while Zibusiso will be the lead for the Energy Subsector. We are very excited to have them on our team and look forward to the great activity that they have planned for their respective subsectors. These Leads were cherry-picked for their subsectors, as they have both displayed great potential for community leadership.

As the CoP Lead for our Architecture, Construction and Urban Planning Subsector, Lindelwa is committed to creating a network of young leaders and professionals who are determined to make a difference in their communities through innovative and practical.  Effective urban planning is essential for the development of our continent as it ensures the sustainable use of resources and enables better living conditions for all inhabitants. We hope to create a network of young leaders who are passionate about preserving African history and culture through architecture, improving the construction industry, and contributing towards more sustainable, livable cities across our land.  


Our Energy and Power Subsector Lead is in the very capable hands of Zibusiso Mtunzi. He recollects the start of his journey with sustainable energy at 8 when his parents introduced him to the wonders of a solar cooker that could boil a 5-liter pot of water in just about 10 minutes. His fascination was further fueled during the time of Zimbabwe’s load-shedding crisis. His interest remained peaked and informed his academic pursuits. 

Zibusiso studied at the African Leadership University where he was one of 100 students (out of 10,000 applicants) who were awarded the Founder’s scholarship. There, he earned an honors degree in Electrical Power Systems Engineering. His thesis centered on the digital transformation of energy generation within National Parks and the neighboring communities. The energy industry is hungry for young people who are passionate about sustainable energy solutions that are environmentally sound. With our continent still developing, it is important to encourage young African professionals to think innovatively about energy sources and participate in intergenerational dialogue surrounding he energy crises. Looking ahead, Zibusiso’s vision for this subsector is to foster a vibrant community of young energy enthusiasts who can collaborate, identify opportunities, and drive positive change in their communities, ultimately contributing to the betterment of Africa as a whole. 

AL for Infrastructure aims to provide focused environments and ecosystems for our network members to engage each other on the specific topics of their subsectors of choice. These subsectors are led by network members to provide a peer-centric platform for collaboration, learning, and innovation. With the Architecture, Constructure, and Urban – Planning Subsector, as well as with the Energy Subsector, we hope to provide our network members with opportunities and support that will empower them to spearhead these industries. As our Subsector Leads embark on their two-year commitment to these concentrated communities, we eagerly await the great works that are bound to arise from our network.  

We urge members of the community to keep an eye on all our communication platforms as we also launch our Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) Community of Practice led by Jessica Nett. 

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