Leading Community Development for Women Empowerment

Meet the Network Member who is making the world a better place for vulnerable women and girls by advocating for their needs through access to education, health, and inclusivity.

Elizabeth Muthoni is a Mastercard Foundation scholar who graduated from EARTH University Costa Rica with a Bachelor’s in Agricultural Science and graduated from Egerton University in Kenya, where she obtained a Master of Science in Community Development and Extension. She currently leads on the operational delivery of EARTH University’s Student life and Induction ensuring the effective transition of students into university life at EARTH.

She works with Officials Faculties Departments and Service Providers to deliver an integrated inclusive experience for all new students. Also, she provides academic follow-up to students and support in conflict resolution (academic, cultural, personal) approval systems and to contributes to the improvement of Student Life.

As a Kenyan who is passionate about community development, she co-founded Womenful Voice to contribute to making the world a better place for vulnerable women and girls by advocating for their needs through access to education, health, and inclusivity.  In the past years, she has acquired knowledge and skills through innovative educational approaches and work experience. This has prepared her to contribute competently towards economic development and to construct a prosperous and just society. She is well experienced in research and writing.

Elizabeth is empowered and uses her positive attitude and energy to encourage others to work towards making the world a better place. Her organization, Womenful Voice, works with girls and women by empowering and providing them the tools to become stronger and more confident, especially being autonomous, self-determined, and vocal. They work on the following projects:

A Christmas Experience

This project aims to give a happy Christmas experience to the community of Ouanminthe through gifts, family activities and promote the upcoming activities of Womenful Voice.

Coaching Sessions: Girls For Girls

The Coaching session empowers girls between the age of 14 and 20. It is a program providing a formal environment to recognize the current women’s situation in Haiti and simultaneously helps them discover their individual potential. The young girls enjoy interactive activities and are educated about gender equality through female role models to recognize their own individual potential

Mentorship Program: Women For Girls​

This program provides a structured approach for young girls who many at times need additional support to be empowered towards transformative leadership.

Enterprise Group: Women For Women

The Enterprise Group for women provides training on entrepreneurship and finances and gives women seed capital to start a productive unit.

Mobile Clinic: Health For Women

This project looks to provide free health services through a mobile clinic to women who do not have access as they live in remote areas of Northern Haiti.

Accelerated Mentorship Program: Help a student forge their path towards success

Inspire young girls to become leaders, maintain an active interest in academic pursuits, and to break stereotypes.

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