Lake Turkana Wind Power: Providing Kenya with Affordable and Clean Energy

Many participants in our sector are on the quest to find eco-friendly, reliable, energy solutions. Lake Turkana Wind Power has succeeded in such by providing low-cost energy to Kenya’s national grid. Conceptualized in 2005, the Lake Turkana Wind Power (hereafter LTWP) wind farm is now the largest wind farm in Africa and Kenya’s largest single private investment in history worth €625 million.

Wind energy is an excellent energy solution because it is one of the most low-impact renewable energy sources. This is also a safer alternative than most forms of energy generation as wind energy does not have the health issues and safety issues associated with the other energy sources. With ambitious goals is to cut carbon emissions in order to combat the impact of climate change on societies and through LTWP ‘s wind farms, Kenya is positioned as a key participant in green energy in Africa.

LTWP has had a great economic impact on the country. LTWP has reduced Kenya’s reliance on fuel imports from neighboring countries, saving the nation more than €281 million between 2018 and 2021. LTWP ‘s connection to the national grid is through a 438km associated transmission line constructed by the Government of Kenya through the Kenya Transmission Company (KETRACO). LTWP has achieved success partly due to its value of collaboration; having worked with over 17 community groups surrounding the wind farm, 13 international financiers, 5 project construction partners, 7 equity investors, over 2500 employees, over 8 Government of Kenya departments, and over 250,00 beneficiaries. LTWP is anchored on values that map out the blueprint of operations: accessibility, respect, excellence, and safety.

In addition to its natural impact, LTWP established Winds of Change to expand its impact on local communities. Winds of Change is a vehicle through which LTWP can undertake sustainable development projects by enhancing access to education, health, and water, as well as other activities. Their efforts to enhance access to education have been invaluable to the communities impacted, their projects include constructing school facilities for over 12 schools; installing solar and water systems at schools in Luai and Arge; donating school furniture and supplies; and facilitating educational trips to the wind farms and other parts of Kenya. Their healthcare-related initiatives include establishing a dispensary in Sarima; upgrading healthcare facilities by installing solar systems, creating water systems, constructing auxiliary facilities, providing equipment in various locations; and carrying out health outreach programs.

LTWP has carried out various projects and initiatives that have improved the communities in and around their activity. They have been exemplary as a socially responsible environmental participant and have laid the path for conscious energy generation and distribution.

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