How to utilize your holiday

A time like summer holidays provides an excellent opportunity for reflection, to grow professionally as people, and enrich the lives of those around us. it is also a time to have fun and relax with family members. We look at three aspects of how you might spend your summer holidays: internships, career exploration and relaxation.

A time like the summer holidays provides an excellent opportunity for reflection, to grow professionally as people, and enrich the lives of those around us. It is also a time to have fun and relax with family members. We look at three aspects of how you might spend your summer holidays: internships, career exploration, and relaxation.

Internships are effective ways to spend the summer break

Discover a new skill to boost your resume. Explore other subjects apart from your major. Maybe you are interested in coding, website design, or another subject that is not available at your college. Always seek out courses that relate to the field or industry you are interested in.

Convert a weakness into a strength. You might find it difficult to speak in public or write essays. Take a class or join a group to hone transferable skills through practice, exercises, and supportive feedback.

Get an internship. It is important to apply what you have learned in the classroom, even if the internship does not provide a stipend or salary. It is an excellent way to gain practical work experience and gain new knowledge about a business or industry (this is also a great way to build valuable connections and help you decide whether you are suited for the career.)

 Create an internship. Having trouble finding an internship or apprenticeship? Contact companies you are interested in and offer an apprenticeship or internship. You might not make much money, but the work experience and skills you gain will be priceless.

Volunteer for a worthwhile cause. Make a difference in your community or join a volunteer travel program to apply your skills and education through meaningful, hands-on learning. Research programs and non-profit organizations in need of your help, including charities, festivals, local non-profits, events, and community groups, often offer volunteer opportunities.

 Send a thank you email. Summer is a perfect opportunity to check in on your favorite professors or former employer, whether you are writing a thank you message, asking a question, or getting a letter of recommendation.

Make the most out of your summer break by exploring your career

Attend a seminar for professional growth. It’s a smart idea to attend summer conferences to expand your network, stay informed about industry trends, and stay inspired. Consider joining a professional organization relevant to your career goals. (Many organizations offer a discounted membership fee for students!)

Explore a topic that interests you. You can stand out from a pool of applicants by completing an undergraduate research project, which gives you an advantage in graduate programs and professional schools. You may be interested in working in a laboratory, doing fieldwork in your industry, studying relevant public policy issues, or connecting with a professor who would love to help you.

Explore a career. Get a taste of a future career by shadowing an industry professional for a day. Do your research on industry leaders in your community, and do not be afraid to connect with alumni from your school who live in your area. Their alumni might be thrilled to lend their insight to a current student!

Fix up your cv/resume. You can update your work experience and co-curricular involvements over the summer (such as by taking on leadership roles or becoming involved in student clubs on campus) so that it truly shines.

Improve your LinkedIn profile. To show off your skills and experience via LinkedIn or by building your own personal website, whether you are getting ready to graduate next year or just looking for a part-time job or internship, be sure to keep it professional and clean. Make sure you invest in a professional headshot too.

Remodel your online presence. Take the time to review and edit your social media channels so that potential employers see your best self, or simply clean up your laptop, delete old photos from your devices, and organize your email. Start your new year with a clean slate.

Do not forget to have fun and relax

Catch up on summer reading. It’s a great time to start your fall reading list, if available, or read a book in a field you are interested in. Summer is also a good time to read a leisurely book you might not have the time to read during the year if that’s what you’re interested in.

 Explore your city. Enjoy a staycation in your town. If you were a tourist on vacation, what would you do? Take a walking tour of your city and see what you didn’t know about the hidden gems and historical landmarks you didn’t know about. Get out and enjoy nature Join a hiking or climbing club, take fun outdoor adventures or day hikes, camp with friends, or work at a summer camp or national park.

Participate in summer sports leagues or try something new. Enjoy sports and the community. See what’s available in your neighbourhood this summer, as well as other leisure sports teams you might join over your summer vacation. Want to try something new? Try outdoor yoga, Pilates, golf, dancing, spinning, or rowing. Summer is an excellent time to try something new and discover whether it is a good match. Sign up for a class, session, or club in your town to discover your interests and cultivate your creativity. Take a lesson in painting, photography, drawing, sewing, self-defence, or any other subject that interests you but that you do not have time to attempt during the school year.

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