Empowering Futures: Reflections from Université Gaston Berger on ACN’s Employer Engagement Workshop

What did you gain from the Partner Training Workshop on Employer Engagement organized by ACN.   

The workshop was an important opportunity for capacity building, sharing best practices and establishing concrete partnerships to facilitate students’ transition to the professional world. At the same time, it strengthened collaboration between Mastercard Foundation and ACN’s French-speaking partner universities in West Africa.

The event also highlighted the remarkable commitment of employers to the professional development of young people, creating an environment conducive to collaboration and the creation of meaningful opportunities. This convergence of efforts will certainly help shape a promising future for students in the region. 

What were the highlights of the workshop for you?  

One of the highlights of the workshop was the discussion session with employer representatives, which illustrated a concrete, results-oriented approach. Exchanges of experience and dialogue with local employers are important for creating meaningful opportunities for students and young professionals.

The sharing sessions between participants also represented an excellent opportunity to collaborate closely with partner French-speaking universities in West Africa, marking a highlight. Inter-university collaboration brought enriching perspectives and strengthened sub-regional synergies. 

What next steps would you like to take at your university as a result of this workshop?  

The workshop was very useful and enriching for us. It gave us new ideas on how to develop partnerships with employers. It inspired us about the need to update our strategy to engage employers more.


 In terms of next steps: 

We plan to integrate the best practices discussed at the workshop into our university’s career services. We will organize a feedback session with the career services team to share the tools and action plan defined during the workshop. 

We are committed to creating regular communication channels to facilitate the exchange of information on career opportunities and labor market needs. This ongoing communication will be essential to maintain a proactive connection with employers. 

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