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Climate-Smart Specialist with a Global Perspective

Mastercard Foundation Scholar, Bernard Jere shares the value he has received from being part of the AL for Agribusiness Network.

Published: 28 September 2023

ALA’s Africa Careers Network team is dedicated to connecting young leaders in our network to meaningful professional development opportunities to accelerate their career pathways and increase their social capital. ACN’s flagship offering, the Professional Development Program, aims to equip young leaders with key professional and social skills that enhance their impact in their jobs and internships.

AL for Agribusiness network member Bernard Jere shares his involvement in the network and how ACN has added value to his career

About Bernard Jere


Bernard Jere is Mastercard Foundation Scholar from Malwai. He is a social entrepreneur with an academic background in Global Agribusiness that he gained at Arizona State University. He is passionate about climate-smart agriculture with over 3 years’ experience in managing impactful agribusiness-related projects. Bernard is currently the Operations & Business Development Manager for Keki Mawe, a startup social venture that is focused on food & nutrition security in Malawi.

Bernard believes that entrepreneurship is one of the key solutions that can significantly address the pressing issue of youth unemployment in Africa. In 2018, he was a delegate at the World Youth Forum in Egypt where he contributed to policy formulation sessions aimed at boosting private-public sector partnerships as key to driving global economic growth. While at the World Youth Forum, Bernard also attended Solution Sessions aimed at accelerating progress towards Africa’s Agenda 2063.

How have you benefitted from being part of the ALfor Agribusiness network?

Being part of the network has connected me to learning opportunities from other youth across Africa who are engaged in socially impactful and financially rewarding agribusiness ventures. I appreciate the Monthly Hangout sessions for contributing to the advancement of my virtual professional communication skills, and virtual collaboration skills. The AL for Agribusiness Newsletter keeps me informed on the latest Agribusiness and entrepreneurship opportunities within Africa and beyond.

What are some of the challenges currently facing African agriculture and how do you overcome them?

I am mostly affected by limited access to technological resources that is essential to efficient Value Addition, and mechanization of farm operations. Recently I have been applying for grant funding opportunities as well as pitch competition opportunities in order to raise funds to curb some of these challenges.

What advice would you give to young African people in Agriculture?

African youth should strive to engage in adding value, while being mindful of environmental sustainability. In addition, seek strategic collaborations and partnerships for your agricultural and agribusiness ventures.

Favorite quote?

‘’Change is a process that has to be managed’’ … Kofi Annan.

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