Announcing AL for Infrastructure’s Technology for Infrastructure Hackathon 

AL for Infrastructure is excited to announce a new partnership with Hindsight Ventures and for the second edition of the AL for Infrastructure Hackathon to create Technology Solutions to Tackle Africa’s Grand Infrastructure Challenges.  

This hackathon focuses on leveraging the power of collaboration and technology to develop solutions to some of the challenges in the Manufacturing, Environment, Retail & Supply Chain, and Financial Services sectors in Africa. The hackathon presents an opportunity for high-impact young leaders within our community to use their unique skills to create innovative solutions for challenges within these thematic areas while also amplifying their voices as the change agents who will change the course of Africa’s development. 

This is a special call to young people across the community to take advantage of the opportunity to bring their innovative ideas to life through the eight-week hackathon where they will be supported by a team of coaches and mentors from partner organisations. 

If you are an individual or a team with an idea to build and scale a solution/venture in any of these sectors, this hackathon is for you! 

Key Dates: 

  • 22nd February – 15 March: Applications Open 
  • 18th March – 28th March: Participants and Team Announced 
  • 29th March: Kick Off Meeting 
  • 1st April – 24th May: Hackathon Core Program 
  • 28th May: Demo Day 
  • After 28th May: Post Hackathon Follow-up and Implementation Support 

You can apply on the ACN portal here and on the APIX Platform here. Applications close on 15th March 2024.  

Come and work with partners from Hindsight Ventures, Spurt!, Sanergy, Fresh Life, Bosch and more.

About AL for Infrastructure

 The AL for Infrastructure network provides a platform where young leaders can connect with seasoned professionals to allow for intergenerational knowledge transfer in industry practices and new ideas that can power the industry forward.

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