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In late 2022, young entrepreneurs in Kenya’s healthcare sector gathered for a one-day BUILD immersion workshop. Facilitated by ALA alums based in Kenya, the workshop introduced the participants to ALA’s founding practices and provided insights into their entrepreneurial journey. The event was a resounding success, inspiring the creation of the KEHEBU Three Month Program.

KEHEBU builds on the success of the one-day session, aiming to take the outcomes and magnify them over the next three months. The program is based on lessons from years of developing and supporting young entrepreneurs. KEHEBU recognizes that supporting young entrepreneurs is multifaceted and dynamic, requiring the right tools and well-scaffolded learning objectives. With consistent incremental growth, the program believes it can have a long-lasting impact on all involved.

What is BUILD? 

BUILD is a Human-Centred design thinking approach that stands for Believe, Understand, Invent, Listen, and Deliver – it is one of the pillars of Entrepreneurial Leadership (EL) at ALA. 

How does KEHEBU work?

KEHEBU is a three-month virtual entrepreneurial learning program hosting more than nine business projects addressing a problem in the healthcare sector. The Kenyan ALA Alumni provide guidance to participants on-site or remotely to help those young entrepreneurs navigate their way through the carefully crafted curriculum by the EL and AL for Health Team.

Debuting in March, the program has brought up interesting challenges for the participants. They have been able to tap into concepts such as drafting a business plan to even financial goals and finetune their business pitching skills. They also connected with mentors from the AL for Healthcare Network and the EL department at ALA to receive constructive feedback on their projects during KEHEBU syncs every two weeks. 

Participants have two more months’ worth of exciting content to go through. They can now share a collaborative space in Kenya to boost their team spirit and productivity. 

KEHEBU is a promising initiative and is one of the most significant projects AL for Health has taken up for 2023. The program offers a captivating mix of dynamic yet well-scaffolded learning objectives designed to support these uprising projects. The resources provided have the potential to accelerate the growth of the participants’ projects and have a long-lasting impact on the next generation of healthcare entrepreneurs.

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