AL for Agribusiness Welcomes New Intern

AL for Agribusiness welcomes its new Marketing Intern.

Published: 5 September 2022

Nathan Musweu is a recent graduate with an honours degree in International Business & Trade. He is also an entrepreneur and business enthusiast. His overall career goals and objectives are to create sustainable businesses that provide solutions to community problems. He is inspired and intrigued by young people in leadership and entrepreneurship who have taken it upon themselves to start businesses and projects that create positive change within their community. This has compelled him to always look for the next business idea that will help his community.

He has always been interested in agriculture, and during his time at ALA, he was a member of Agrinovation – a student enterprise leveraging innovation to create sustainable solutions in agriculture and implement smart ways of doing agriculture. He believes the future of the world is in agriculture and he wants to be part of that future and help to feed the world. He is a businessman at heart and intends to use his passion to create environmentally friendly solutions in the agribusiness field.

He is looking forward to working as a marketing intern for AL for Agribusiness because this will be excellent for his career development. He is excited to meet and connect with young leaders who are passionate about agriculture, and are bold enough to establish agribusinesses. He is also looking forward to contributing to growing the AL for Agribusiness network and sharing stories of impact from across the continent.

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