African Leadership Academy (ALA) seeks to transform Africa by identifying, developing and connecting a new generation of young leaders who will lead the continent towards lasting peace and shared prosperity for all. Since inception in 2008, we have worked to lay the foundations of this audacious mission by identifying and developing a group of exceptional young leaders who will work together to shape Africa’s future. We have created the support structures that will catalyse this network of young leaders who will take ownership of their shared-mission and collaborate with each other, program partners and friends of ALA to catalyse transformational change on the continent.

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We support aspiring agripreneurs in their effort to build innovative ventures that will drive productivity and job creation in their communities. We will also equip our young leaders with the skills, knowledge and attributes needed to catalyse their careers in the sector by facilitating masterclasses and providing one-on-one coaching and career guidance. We identify, connect and support young agripreneurs to establish sustainable ventures. In addition, we will partner with established high impact organisations to help develop and promote the work of our entrepreneurs.

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AL for Education will develop a new generation of leaders who will work together to drive transformation in Africa’s education sector. We will catalyse connections between key players in education that will accelerate the career pathways of our young leaders into the education space. The Anzisha Education Accelerator will cultivate and support aspiring education entrepreneurs and will enable them to share resources, information, best practice and opportunities with each other in order to magnify their impact.

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The AL for Governance network exists to address a gap of the voice of the youth in the public sector and civil society on the African continent. Each year, the network develops a new generation of ethical public leaders who work together to address the public leadership crisis in Africa. The network facilitates diverse career pathways for young leaders into the governance sector, catalyse connections between members, and foster powerful intergenerational mentorship relationships to drive lasting change.

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By upskilling young leaders in the field, providing opportunities for collaboration among system actors, and supporting health innovation and entrepreneurship, our network plays an active role in shaping the direction of healthcare on the continent to leverage systems change. Through the Network’s initiatives, we forge toward robust health systems surveillance, prevention, control, and response as well as quality healthcare that is patient-centered, affordable, and accessible.

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Infrastructure forms one of the most fundamental building blocks in promoting economic development and promoting quality of life. The AL for Infrastructure network provides a platform where young leaders can connect with seasoned professionals to allow for intergenerational knowledge transfer in industry practices and new ideas that can power the industry forward.

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The Arts

The AL for the Arts Network is achieving its mission by Accelerating the development of artists in our network by creating channels for engagement with industry leaders and key stakeholders through internship, residency, and job placement opportunities. Igniting collaborative connections, mentorship, and access to initiatives with young artists across the continents and globally and weaving high-impact networks and creating communities of practice that build our collective capacity to tackle Africa’s grand challenges.

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Professional Services

Professional development is the flagship offering of the Early Career Success team. The program aims to equip young leaders in our network with key professional and social skills that will accelerate their career trajectories and enhance their impact in the jobs and internships that they undertake. The professional development program takes the form of online modules, coaching, and “Barazas” (which are intensive workshops aimed at developing all aspects of career readiness).