Career mapping in your first year of university

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Congratulations! You have completed a milestone in your academic journey and are now starting University. At this stage, your focus should be exploring potential career paths and clarifying your professional interests. You want to go into your second year of university with clarity on the types of opportunities you intend to pursue. Contrary to popular belief, your career does not start only when you graduate. In fact your entire journey through university lays the foundation for growth in the early, mid and more mature stages of your career. In your first year of university you have the advantage of taking these steps early so your subsequent years are easier and stress free. If you are anxious about how to get started, the workbook attached below will serve as a guide to help you :

  1. Ask the right questions that increase your awareness of your strengths and interests
  2. Set goals that establish type of opportunities you want and will thrive in
  3. Carry out research that helps you better understand your options
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