How to review a students cover letter

Cover Letters are an application document that require students to describe their fit with and interest in the organization they are applying to. They are typically read after the resume has been examined and help to add nuance to each candidates relevant experiences. The role of the cover letter is often underestimated but it could be the determining factor when companies have to decide between 2 equally strong resumes.

In reviewing a student’s cover letter, the goal is to ensure that the student clearly and effectively communicate a compelling reason for their interest in the role/opportunity and a few core reasons why they would be a good fit and/or add value to the organization. The resource attached below provides:

  1. The fundamental elements that need to be communicated in a cover letter
  2. How to guide a student to reflect and identify compelling content for their cover letter
  3. A cover letter template you can use to provide a measurable assessment of a students cover letter

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