How to help students network

Network building is essential to professional development for students. More so it can take place in a variety of ways. However, many students have a narrow definition of networking and are often intimidated by the idea. A key aspect of career coaching is helping students understand the myriad of ways networking can take place and how to approach it in small measurable steps.

A crucial part of building market intelligence and learning how to increase a students  competitive advantage comes from networking. More so, being able to network themselves not only empowers them to take ownership of their career development journey but helps them get comfortable talking about themselves and their interests. Network building is a long term practice that yields amazing results so it is always best if students starts early. The resource attached below provides a guide on how to help students do this. It details

  1. How to coach students through the networking process
  2. Help students understand informational interviews
  3. Guide students on how to tap into their existing network and build new ones

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