Guide to informational interviewing

An informational interview is a meeting between someone who wants to learn more about an industry or profession and someone who is in that field. When exploring potential career interests, in your early university years, informational interviews are a great way to learn more about different career options. Informational interviews are also foundational to network building because they  provide an opportunity to initiate a conversation with a professional contact. These conversations can often lead to long standing relationships that could help students gain access to career building opportunities and understand how to attain success in their fields of interest.


As a student, you may be overwhelmed with concerns about what you can bring to the table in this type of interaction and worried about making a first impression. At this stage, your greatest asset is your curiosity and willingness to learn. Thus the best way to approach such conversations is by leaning towards that. Refer to the informational interview fact sheet attached below for a guide on how to:

  1. Set up informational interviews with people in and out of your network
  2. Writing compelling messages and emails
  3. Prepare for and follow up after an informational interview

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