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Professional Development Hybrid Event

Theme: Exploring areas of opportunity and growth within your career

Hybrid Professional Development Event

04 August 2023 | @zoom | 08:00 - 13:00 (WAT)

The program will examine numerous routes of career growth in several areas, as well as hear from experts and interns. The main objective of the event is to explore different areas that students, graduates, and professionals can explore in their career progression.

To achieve the event’s objective, the program comprises the following sessions:

  • An intern experience exposition: In this session, we will hear about the experiences of individuals who have held various internship positions. They will discuss their internship experiences, personal development, goal setting, and much more.
  • Female panelist discussion: The topic for this panel is “The Journey of Women in Their Career Sectors”. This discussion will highlight the experiences of women in their career development whilst also addressing options that students can explore to enhance themselves. They will discuss how students can use the resources available to develop themselves holistically and seek new ones.
  • Mixed panelist discussion: The topic for this panel is “Navigating Different Opportunities of Growth in your Industry. This panelist discussion will look at distinct areas within different sectors, and how to capitalize on them for development.