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Arts, Architecture and People


How the intersection between art and architecture affects our modern life

AL for the Arts & AL for Infrastructure Webinar

16 November 2022 | @zoom | 18:00

Please join us as the Infrastructure and Art sectors host a webinar on the critical relationship between art and architecture and how that affects our everyday life. Our two speakers will discuss how these disciplines intersect as disciplines and within the industry.

More about our speakers:

Aya is a member of the African Leadership Academy’s 2015 graduating class. She has graduated from the faculty of fine arts, Alexandria University, majoring in Architecture and urban design. She is passionate about urban development and planning, heritage conservation, adaptive reuse and the use of technology in these fields especially GIS. Currently, she is an ITI student in the GIS track. Lately, she was an architect intern at Takween Integrated Community Development, where she assists in research, creating visuals for the projects’ documentations. Recently, she was a selected participant in the Off-Seams international workshop held at the Nile University and supported by the Aga Khan Trust for Culture and Education and the European Commission. She suggested urban solutions and engaged with old Cairo’s urban complexity in vital sites. Aya has also interned with Design Sector Architects in Mapping Kafr Abdou’s research project, where she visualized suggested recommendations and assisted in creating a booklet with all the data and research findings. The booklet was published in December 2019 and the outcome was represented in two local exhibitions.

Yassmine Boualam is originally from Morocco. She graduated from the ALA class of 2020. Yassmine has an interest in art and architecture and is pursuing an undergraduate degree in Architecture at Rice University. She is also the founder and CEO of APPEER.