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AL for Agribusiness Gathering

Welcome to the 2021 AL for Agribusiness Network Gathering themed: Harnessing the Power of Youth in Agriculture.

Agriculture is a vital cornerstone of economic development. This inaugural Gathering will explore the role of youth in sustainable agribusiness to achieve food security and transforming food systems.

For this reason, we are redefining the art and science of making meaningful business connections by offering a carefully curated two day conference. This Gathering offers unique learning and networking opportunities for agribusiness professionals who value innovation, youth empowerment, and business growth on the continent.

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AL for Agribusiness Gathering 2021

27 October 2021 - 28 October 2021

Agriculture is the single most important economic activity in Africa, providing two thirds of employment and up to 60% gross domestic production of the continent. The formal agriculture sector in Africa insufficiently meets the employment demand of a growing youth population, who will reach over 300 million in 2030 and will face a 48% unemployment rate (as projected by the United Nations). Simply put, there is limited access to employment and capital for youth who would otherwise opt for agriculture as a career path.

Young people in Africa interested in agriculture are often isolated in their career journey, experience stigma of agriculture being associated with property, and lack access to viable opportunities and exposure to technologies to develop their careers or ventures.

Through in-depth panel discussions, workshops and networking opportunities, our Gathering will help you understand the changing trends across the public services sector and the functional silos in youth participation.

Five Reasons to Attend:

  1. Reignite old connections and forge meaningful new ones with fellow members;
  2. Discover how others in the community are addressing the role of youth in agribusiness;
  3. Explore stress points, as well as successes within our network; and
  4. Exchange ideas to solve the most pertinent challenges; and
  5. Vote on one of the Finalists to win the “Agriculture Launchpad”.

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