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The Annual Network Gathering

The ALforEducation Gatherings bring together African Leadership Academy’s diverse community of leaders - teachers, heads of schools, entrepreneurs, funders, innovators, policymakers and ecosystem builders - from across the African continent. Every year, we seek to create intimate and fun gatherings that convene people from different backgrounds and positions for meaningful conversation.

The 2023 focus was Learning Leadership; we explored the role of leadership in creating the changes we seek across our education systems. We also explored how leadership can be taught in the classroom, encouraged in the community, and developed across systems to transform education in Africa.

Our focus this year takes on the evolving role of gender equity in educational paradigms on the continent. Through our usual mix of short provocative speeches, small collective problem-solving sessions, and expert-led interactive workshops, we will examine critical questions on unique challenges to girls’ education and gender equity, and develop new paradigms for thinking about raising boys.