Explore AL for Education:

Our Programs and Events

We identify and attract high-potential talent into the field of education. We invest in the most promising education entrepreneurs and organizations. We weave a network that shares practices and advances education in Africa.

The Annual Network Gathering

Every year, we convene leaders in African education – including teachers, heads of schools, policymakers, entrepreneurs, funders, and ecosystem builders – to connect, collaborate and advance our collective work in Education. ALforEducation creates intimate, collaborative gatherings that convene people from different backgrounds and positions for meaningful conversations that push the boundaries of what is possible in education. Together we work to ensure that all children in Africa will have access to education that enables them to live self-determined, mission-driven lives.

The ALforEducation Fellowship

The ALforEducation Fellowship invests deeply in promising leaders building extraordinary organizations serving wide-ranging communities across Africa. We deliver a three-year fellowship program designed to foster the leadership, management, and education know-how required to build a transformational organization in two parts.

  • The Aspire Leadership Program – This is a 10-month program which selects a cohort of 8-12 exceptional education leaders. We provide support in their leadership journey as they develop schools which can reimagine standards, approaches, and outcomes during year one.
  • The Accelerator Program – This program selects the strongest Aspire fellows from year one to continue in deeper engagement in institution-building, leadership, and instructional design during years two and three.

The Apprenticeship

The ALforEducation Apprenticeship supports aspiring entrepreneurs to explore critical topics in education, build robust skillsets, and develop a community of peers looking to change the sector. This is a selective, 13-week program that designed around the most important knowledge and experiences for an aspiring entrepreneurial leader in the sector.

Internship & Job Placements

We connect high-potential future education leaders with some of the most impactful education organisations in Africa through promoting job and internship opportunities. In addition to this, we provide structured coaching to assist our university graduates with career-readiness and to prepare them to tackle some of the biggest challenges and opportunities in education.