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Professional Development

Building Strategies and Strengthening Bonds: Network’s Team Retreat in Johannesburg

For Partners
Against the backdrop of Johannesburg's bustling energy, the Networks Teams convened its members for a pivotal moment of reflection and strategic planning. This year's retreat, held at the prestigious...


Strengthening Career Services: ACN’s Upskilling Event for Eastern African University Partners in Rwanda 

In 2023, the Africa Careers Network (ACN) partnered with three new university partners in Rwanda, Kenya, and Uganda to enhance career services and support for their scholars. Understanding these...


Empowering Refugee Communities

In our recently held Refugee Meetup, valuable insights were shared on the challenges faced by refugee scholars and communities. The discussions covered a range of topics, shedding light on...


Empowering Futures: Reflections from Université Gaston Berger on ACN’s Employer Engagement Workshop

What did you gain from the Partner Training Workshop on Employer Engagement organized by ACN.    The workshop was an important opportunity for capacity building, sharing best practices and establishing...


Partner Spotlight: American University of Beirut

Who are you, and how best can we describe your work?  My name is Raya Kalash, I am the Associate Program Director of the Mastercard Foundation Scholars Program at the...


Empowering Diversity: Navigating Inclusive Employment

We embark on a journey to explore the pivotal role of diversity in the workplace and the strategies necessary for fostering inclusive employment environments. As we navigate the ever-evolving...


A Note of Gratitude to Chevron Engineering Leadership Program Mentors

The mentors attended a week-long training where Dr. Oluseyi Aberefa, Mr. Phenyo Tshwantsho, Ms. Eufa Adabie, and the supporting ALA Team prepared them for the next two weeks of...


Announcing our Mitsubishi Corporation Carbon Capture Design and Innovation Challenge

Mitsubishi Corporation business is heavily shaped by the values of integrity and fairness. This has enabled the corporation to expand far beyond its traditional trading operations to include project...