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AL for Infrastructure

Jomo Erick

AL for Infrastructure seeks to have a community of African Leaders who will work together in developing sustainable practices and green technology solutions that will position the African infrastructure for social inclusivity and thriving economies.

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Guided by SDGs 6 (clean water & sanitation);7 (affordable, clean energy) ,9 (industry, innovation & infrastructure) and 11(sustainable cities), our mission is to enhance the participation of young leaders in finding innovative and technology-driven solutions towards sustainable infrastructure that will be resilient, promote inclusivity and minimise the impacts of climate change.

How will we achieve this?


AL for Infrastructure will accelerate the career paths of Young Leaders by connecting them to a variety of internship and job opportunities within the infrastructure sector. Network members will be exposed to opportunities that will introduce technology-savvy and innovative youth to the workforce.


AL for Infrastructure will provide a platform to connect network members, key industry players and professionals in cultivating thought leadership and highlighting sector trends. AL for Infrastructure will champion entrepreneurial ventures that bridge infrastructural gaps and achieve positive impact.


AL for Infrastructure will foster communities of practice where facilitated knowledge transfer and the exchange of ideas will inspire impactful solutions for Africa.

Career Tracks

The following are sub-sectors of the infrastructure sector that contribute to physical infrastructure supporting growth and social infrastructure supporting quality of life required for a thriving economy.

The energy and power sector caters to almost all fields that are science or maths-related. The requirement is an aptitude for numbers, science or mechanics. Typical roles will be in the fields of Engineering; Geology; Project Management; Analytics and Environmental Consultations.

Specific to the architecture profession, roles within this field have a variety of paths. Career paths within Architecture typically include roles as a Technical Architect; Design Architect; Project Management; BIM Modelling; Specifications Writer and Project Management.

The fields of construction and urban planning are quite broad and similarly to energy and power, require an aptitude in science and mathematics. Careers in Construction Management include Facilities Management; Site Engineer; Building Surveyor; Quantity Surveyor; Building Services Engineer and Sustainability Consultant. The Urban and Regional Planning is specific to the field of Town Planning.

Careers in Engineering Design and Advisory are restricted and specific to the relative engineering fields. This career path is very design intensive compared to an operational based one and in most cases requires Professional Engineering Certification in the senior roles.

Manufacturing and production fields are quite broad and typically require a background in the various types of STEM fields. Career paths in the manufacturing and production industry typically range from the various roles in Engineering; Production Management, Production Planning, Engineering Maintenance; Quality Control as well as Site and Logistics Management.

The field of transportation is often specific to backgrounds in logistics and supply chain management. A transition can be made into this field from a mathematics and science foundation. Career paths typically include roles as an Analyst; Logistics Engineer; Logistics Management; Inventory Management and Supply Chain Management.

The telecommunications industry can be quite broad, but often favorable to backgrounds in Information Technology and Electrical/Electronic Engineering. Careers in this industry typically include roles as a Field Manager; Hardware Designer; Electronic Designer; Network Designer; Product Manager; Frequency Engineer and Network Manager.

Although specific to the fields of Water and Wastewater Treatment Engineering, roles in Civil Engineering are also included. Other roles include Maintenance Engineer; Maintenance Manager and Site Engineer.

Stories of impact

Meet some of the inspiring network members who are innovating and making headway in the sector

african leadership William Kamkwamba 1 portrait 01
A Vision for Scientific Research
Wiliam Kamkwamba

William is an entrepreneur with two TED talks and a movie about his journey about his journey on Netflix.

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