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AL for Governance

Amanda Chembezi

AL for Governance will establish a vibrant, connected ecosystem of ethical public leaders who will work together to build accountable institutions and strengthen governance across the African continent.


The AL for Governance Journal is a non-academic multidisciplinary publication that aims to bring together African authors and scholars from around the continent to share knowledge on governance and development. This quarterly publication intends to provide a forum for exchanging and debating topics of social, political, and economic growth, both for academic and policy purposes. The Journal will focus on opinion pieces, policy briefs and academic articles written by AL for Governance Network members.


Download our inaugural AL for Governance Journal here.

Download our AL for Governance Climate Change Journal here

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AL for Governance is a network of impact-driven public leaders who share a commitment to address Africa’s most pressing governance and development challenges. We believe that lasting peace and shared prosperity on the African continent is only possible if we build and sustain accountable institutions together. Our network aims to develop a new generation of ethical public leaders who will work together to address the public leadership crisis in Africa. The network will facilitate diverse career pathways for our young leaders into the governance sector, catalyse connections between members, and foster powerful intergenerational mentorship relationships to drive lasting change.

How will we achieve this?


Strengthening the professional development of it’s young network members through facilitating internship and job opportunities that expose them to public policy careers. This is done by building collaborative relationships with local NGOs, government agencies and international development organizations that host these young people.


Promoting dialogue and inclusivity as key success factors to fostering a thriving culture of effective governance. The network creates opportunities for open, inclusive and intergenerational conversations between its members through networking events, conferences and online platforms.


Building a community that collaborates between network members by enabling them to work together to solve complex public policy and governance challenges.

Career Tracks

We aim to make pathways into governance-related jobs more transparent

This track is for network members who are interested in careers in law, academia, government, research, human rights journalism, or business. The focus in Public Policy is chiefly on issues such as Public health, education, environmental regulation, and science and technology policy, applicable anywhere in the world.

This track is for network members who are interested in pursuing electoral positions or supporting work that promotes transparency and accountability in comparative government, local politics; legislative, electoral, administrative and other political institutions; political parties and mass media.

This track is for network members who are interested in being employed by their national governments and working in the public sector. Work in this track can be anything from being in charge of the overall management of government departments, including implementing legislation and monitoring projects done at ministries level.

This track is for network members who are interested in multi-disciplinary work that involves advocacy, communications, consulting, fundraising, policy, and planning for the multinational cities of tomorrow by working with international development agencies eg United Nations, USAID, African Union etc.

This track is for network members who are interested in activism and doing a diverse range of work from media work promoting their charity, to coming up with projects and campaigns to increase general awareness of important issues amongst the public.

This track is for network members who are interested in working with policymakers and heads of states to tackle the increasingly complex global environment, promote peace and address difficult policy challenges through dialogues.

Stories of impact

Watch our art come to life through the stories of our alumni

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Prime Minister of the Mauritius National Youth Parliament
Deepshikha Parmessur

Deepshikha Parmessur is the Prime Minister of the Mauritius National Youth Parliament. Being the first woman in the office, she has been able to participate in several talk shows on the national television and radios in Mauritius to promote youth and female representation in politics on the island. Deepshikha serves as an Advisory Board member for AL for Governance.

What's happening in AL for Governance?

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Cornelia Kruah-Togba ’08

Member of the inaugural ALA class, Cornelia Kruah-Togba is breaking boundaries as a public servant and advocate for youth and women’s empowerment in her home country of Liberia.

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