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Youth in Africa are isolated and underrepresented in governance across the continent. With 60 percent of its 1.25 billion people under the age of 25 years old, Africa has the youngest population in the world. But this young majority is not being represented in government. This fundamental disconnect between policymakers and youth amplifies problems, and causes African society in general to digress and feel dated. The AL for Governance network exists to address a gap of the voice of the youth in the public sector and civil society on the African continent. Each year, the network develops a new generation of ethical public leaders who work together to address the public leadership crisis in Africa. The network facilitates diverse career pathways for young leaders into the governance sector, catalyse connections between members, and foster powerful intergenerational mentorship relationships to drive lasting change.

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Our Partners

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What we do

The AL for Governance network hosts a series of initiatives to equip young leaders with the skills, knowledge and attributes needed to catalyse their careers in the sector. This is done by building collaborative relationships with local NGOs, government agencies and international development organizations. Our initiatives are:

  • The AL for Governance Journal
  • Umholi we Africa Fellowship
  • Coaching and Career Guidance
  • Virtual and In-Person Events
  • Public Sector Employer Engagement

Governance Impact Report

At its core, the ALforGovernance sector seeks to establish a vibrant, pan-African, and connected ecosystem of ethical public leaders who will work together to build accountable institutions and strengthen...

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Law as an Accelerator of Entrepreneurship | Adnan Shafi


Adnan Shafi (ALA, Class of 2017) is pursuing a career as an international lawyer with a focus on Africa and other emerging markets in the hopes of encouraging economic growth and development across the Global South. His areas of interest include banking & finance, corporate, real estate, construction, and energy in the EMEA region and beyond.

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