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AL for Agribusiness

Nono Sekhoto

AL for Agribusiness will create a vibrant and connected network of young leaders who will work together to innovate and harness the opportunities in the Agriculture sector on the continent to revolutionise rural livelihoods.

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AL for Agribusiness is a network that supports and develops young leaders who will contribute to the transformation of the agriculture sector across Africa. We will catalyse connections between key stakeholders along the agriculture value chain to create an ecosystem that facilitates diverse career pathways for our young leaders. We will also support aspiring agripreneurs in their efforts to build innovative ventures that will drive productivity and job creation in their communities. The network will foster powerful and sustainable intergenerational relationships that will enable the exchange of information and know how to positively impact rural livelihoods.

How will we achieve this?


AL for Agribusiness provides an inclusive space for young leaders to engage with each other in the transforming landscape of African agriculture. The network will also enable engagement between our young leaders and other agriculture stakeholders to facilitate knowledge exchange and idea generation that will promote innovation in the sector. The engagement platforms will include a monthly newsletter, webinars, communities of practice calls and an annual gathering.


AL for Agribusiness will connect our young leaders to job and internship opportunities along the agriculture value chain on the continent. We will also equip our young leaders with the skills, knowledge and attributes needed to catalyse their careers in the sector by facilitating masterclasses and providing one-on-one coaching and career guidance.


AL for Agribusiness believes that agripreneurship lies at the heart of the agricultural revolution on the continent. We will identify, connect and support young agripreneurs to establish sustainable ventures. In addition, we will partner with established high impact organisations to help develop and promote the work of our entrepreneurs.

Career Tracks

There are many pathways into agriculture. Here are a few of the career tracks available to you.

– Production / farming
– Farming services Agronomy, veterinarian
– Extension, farmer support and training
– Agri-Sciences and research
– Horticulture
– Forestry
– Aquiculture and fisheries

– Agro-processing
– Food sciences, safety and tractability

– Aggregation
– Distribution and logistics
– Storage and packaging

– Water and irrigation
– Land and soil
– Weather and climate
– Climate Change

– Agri-Tech
– Agricultural Finance
– Agricultural Insurance
– Agricultural Economics
– Agricultural Engineering

Stories of impact

Share in the journeys of our young people as they change the face of agriculture in Africa

african leadership catherine nalukwago portrait 01
Vertical and Micro Gardening
Catherine Nalukwago

VMG is an enterprise that has developed a product called The Vertical Farm, which makes urban farming a viable micro-enterprise for low-income households. VMG also has a vermicomposting core that supplies highly nutritious soil to all tiers and allows for a variety of crops to be grown.

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