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AL for Agribusiness

We are growing a pan African network of agribusiness leaders who work to foster transformation in agribusiness and the agrifood system as a whole across the continent. These leaders are connecting with each other to build trust to actively collaborate around shared values and goals that are positively impacting their communities. They are creating innovative agribusinesses leveraging their diverse their skills and inspiring a generation of up-and-coming agripreneurs.

Co-Creation Fund

The AL for Agribusiness Co-Creation Fund creates capacity to catalyze network member collaborations that will build trust and shared value within Africa’s agriculture sector. This is an opportunity for the network members to think critically about their local communities and find ways to create economic or social change working together, leveraging off each other’s strength as a network over a six-month project. These initiatives demonstrate the ability for network members to connect with each other, work together to develop a solution for an identified problem in their community, and aim at showing an impact in their community in the African continent.

SME Internship Program and Internship Readiness Masterclass for SMEs

The SME Internship Program seeks to solve the skills gap for entrepreneurs, by providing them with interns who are funded by the network and its partners. This support is coupled with the Internship Readiness Masterclass, to help entrepreneurs:

  1. understand the internship recruitment processes
  2. prepare a work plan to manage the intern(s)
  3. conduct interviews
  4. draft offer letters to the interns and
  5. maximize remote internships.

Sector Employer Engagement

We provide sessions that connect network members with organisations working in the agriculture sector. The objectives of these sessions are to introduce and connect our network partners to the members, elevate our partners' work, participation, and visibility in the network, while fostering a way for our network members to explore opportunities with our partners.

The Application of Network Approach

We support our members to be well-versed in making the most of belong to a network. Through the Network Essentials workshop, members learn how to engage and understand personal and professional value in participating in the network. Members gain transferable skills that can be utilized in other networks and collaboration, and in addition help them see the impact of their actions.