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AL for Agribusiness is a network that supports and develops young leaders who contribute to the transformation of the agriculture sector across Africa. We catalyse connections between key stakeholders along the agriculture value chain to create an ecosystem that facilitates diverse career pathways for our young leaders. We support aspiring agripreneurs in their efforts to build innovative ventures that will drive productivity and job creation in their communities. The network fosters powerful and sustainable intergenerational relationships that enable the exchange of information and know how to positively impact rural livelihoods.

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What we do

We support aspiring agripreneurs in their effort to build innovative ventures that will drive productivity and job creation in their communities. We will also equip our young leaders with the skills, knowledge and attributes needed to catalyse their careers in the sector by facilitating masterclasses and providing one-on-one coaching and career guidance. We identify, connect and support young agripreneurs to establish sustainable ventures. In addition, we will partner with established high impact organisations to help develop and promote the work of our entrepreneurs. Our initiatives are:

  • Co-Creation Fund
  • Coaching and Career Guidance
  • Stakeholder Engagement through Virtual and In-Person Events
  • SME Internship Program and Internship Readiness Masterclass for SMEs
  • Agriculture Sector Employer Engagement
  • The Application of Network Theory

Agribusiness Impact Report

With the world’s population steadily increasing, a pressing concern arises: how can we increase production to meet the world’s needs without degrading environmental ecosystems? The answer, we believe, lies...

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How to Use Maggot Farming for Economic Gender Equity | Janepher Matini


Janepher initiated a campaign “Nhiife Initiative” with fellow peers against teenage pregnancy in 2020. This initiative invites Mayuge skilled youth to uplift unskilled teenage mothers in various technical skills. Today, teenage mothers, through cooperatives have started up small-scale businesses hence promoting business enterprising in Mayuge district. She is also a female youth councilor of Mayuge 2021-2026 which has best positioned her to serve the youth effectively. Janepher is a co-founder of “Women Income Network”, one of the winning ventures of the social venture challenge at the Baobab Summit of 2021. This venture aims at increasing the household income of female-headed households through maggot farming.

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Country Manager

Alliance for Green Revolution (AGRA)

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