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ACN Portal

Enabling High-Potential African Youth

Whether you are looking for an internship or your first job in Africa, log onto the ACN portal to find exciting opportunities that will help you to learn and grow.


The Africa Careers Network (ACN) Portal is a web portal that connects young leaders to transformative early career opportunities (internships and jobs) that accelerate their skills development and impacts their career journey. 1000+ employer-organisations collaborate with us on this mission, and to date, we have been able to place over 1000 young leaders into internships and jobs in Africa and abroad

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Whether you are a first-year launching your first internship or a graduate student continuing or further along in your career — or anywhere in between, Africa Careers Network will partner with you. Companies hiring graduates from the ACN community post opportunities on the ACN Portal.

Wondering where to look for internships and jobs?

Whether you are looking for an internship or your first job in Africa, log in to the Africa Careers Network portal to find an impactful opportunity that will help you to learn and grow.

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For Employers

The young leaders represented within the ACN community comprise of some of Africa’s best and brightest minds. We are here to help you connect with them — whether you’re a new start-up recruiting for the first time, an organisation wanting to expand into new markets or a long time ACN partner.

We are looking for employers to provide jobs or internships

The young leaders represented within the ACN community comprise of some of Africa’s best and brightest minds. We are here to help you connect with them — whether you’re a new start-up recruiting for the first time, or a long time ACN partner.

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Careers Brochure

Meet our

Every year, ACN produces a Careers Brochure, a listing of the ACN’s community cohort of university graduates for each specific year. The brochure provides an overview of the students according to their sector or career pathways of interest.

Would you like to hire a graduate?


If you cannot find what you are looking for?

Internship reports

Our young leaders are asked to complete a report on their internships. They are asked to evaluate their contribution to the organisations they worked with as well as the impact the internships had on their professional development. We invite you to read through some of them.
Sabelo Dube

Sabelo Dube (Zimbabwe) with Prokonect (Virtual)

Download report
Faith Adeke

Faith Adeke (Uganda) with Platform for Labour Action, Uganda

Download report
Kopo Neo Keaikitse

Kopo Neo Keaikitse (Botswana) with Donors for Africa Foundation (Virtual)

Download report
Ability Kakama

Ability Kakama (Kenya) with IBM in South Africa

Download report

Frequently Asked Questions

How can my company partner with the Africa Careers Network (ACN)?

Our Africa Careers Network team comprises managers from all over the African continent who specialise in building relationships with, and advising, various users. They also manage relationships with our partner companies and organisations. Meet our Team tofind out more about our relationship managers. If you are interested in partnering with ACN, please email us at

Are there opportunities for full-time employment?

Yes, several of our young leaders who intern in their final year of university receive return offers from the organisations that hosted them for internships. There are a number of ACN young leaders who are currently looking for full-time employment. If you have a full-time employment recruitment need, please Meet Our Team to find out more about our relationship managers by emailing us at

How many young leaders are available, and what is their average age?

We have just over 3,000 young leaders in our network, a combination of ALA Alumni and Mastercard Foundation Scholars. While we do have some students who have graduated from university, most of them are between seventeen and twenty-three years old. This by no means precludes them from the type of professionalism and delivery expected in any professional work setting. Many of our users have started and run successful entrepreneurial ventures on the continent, and exhibit maturity and professionalism.

What level of skills can I expect from an intern, and what levels can I expect from a full-time employee?

Majority of the ACN population are in University and have just graduated from University. However, we have a growing number of talent who have 5+ years of work experience with graduate school/ PhD qualifications. Overall, ACN’s university graduates are often recruited by top organisations across the African continent, including Allan Gray, Amnesty International, Coca-Cola, Dalberg Global Development Advisors, IBM, and McKinsey & Company. With up to three years of internship experience and an academic background in some of the best universities across the world, these young leaders are highly sought after, and represent a rich pipeline of entrepreneurial, pan-African talent for the continent. Mid-Senior Level: Graduate students with MBAs and Masters qualifications with 3+ years of work experience after completing their undergraduate programs. Due to having more extensive experience they have a more developed set of skills and have often identified their desired area of specialisation.

In which sectors/countries does Africa Careers Network place interns?

Young leaders in the ACN come from over 40 African countries, and have wide-ranging interests. We therefore aim to provide opportunities in as many countries and sectors as possible. ACN seeks internship opportunities across the whole of Africa in all sectors including Infrastructure (Engineering & Architecture), Healthcare, Agribusiness, Governance (Law, Policy making, humanitarian affairs), Education and The Arts. We also aim to provide opportunities in non-sector specific functions including Finance, Consulting, Technology and Shared Business Services like Marketing etc.

Do I need to pay the intern, and if so, how much?

Most organisations provide a stipend to cover the living costs associated with the internship. Stipends range widely across countries and sectors, but generally fall within a range of US$100 to US$500 per month. Depending on the home/university location of the intern, transportation (flight or ground) to the internship country may need to be provided by the organisation. These costs are of course negotiable, and depend on the financial capabilities of the partner organisation. Our policy as a team invested in developing the next generation of African leaders is to do our best to ensure that finances are no object to a good internship fit.

How does the application and selection process work?

ACN internship co-ordinators on campus work with host organisations to gather information about the internship opportunities, which are then communicated to you based on your interests via an internship advert posted on the ACN web portal. Interested young leaders need to apply for the internships by writing a CV and covering letter. In most cases, these are submitted to the ACN internship co-ordinators for review and shortlisting, which allows the ACN team to work with the host organisation in selecting the best candidate(s). Some organisations choose to interview a selection of candidates by phone, Skype or in person before making the final selection.

What about visa issues?

As most young leaders intern in their home country, in their region (e.g. ECOWAS), or in their country of study, there are often no visa issues. In the event that the internship is located in another country, we will work collaboratively with the host organisation to develop a plan to obtain the necessary visas. In most cases, young leaders are able to obtain the required documents. However, unforeseen changes in visa legislation may negatively affect this.